Your success

Active Ants mission is to make clients (webshops) more successful. By working with us and using our services your company should benefit, be more successful.

We enable this by differentiating from competitors in the following ways:

No errors

Active Ants was one of the first companies in the world that robotized both the picking process as well as packaging. We believe that humans can work next to robots perfectly and together provide the highest service for the best price. Our automation enables us to reduce picking mistakes and stock differences and scale up quickly during peak seasons. We are so confident of our process that we pay a fine to our clients each time that we make a picking mistake!

Realtime customer portal

Active Ants has an own build warehouse management system called ‘maya’. Maya enables us to service over one hundred different clients in the same warehouse with the same software but at the same time giving the client a tailor made service. The customer portal with extended reports gives your business the necessary management information to grow your business. Our very intelligent API enables your legacy system to connect with our Maya WMS in a fast way. IT integrations with larger clients usually take two days, smaller clients half a day (really 😊)

Cross border shipments

Active Ants has developed special linehauls and negotiated the best shipping contracts for each of the most important ecommerce countries. For example we inject by means of our own transport every day in Germany directly at ‘Deutsch post’. We ship in Belgium with ‘bpost’, in France with ‘La Poste’ in the Netherlands with ‘PostNL’ and in the UK with GLS (owned by Royal mail) Each of these carriers offer the best price and quality in their country. We also have good solutions for the way back!


Right before an order is packed, we take a picture of the items in the order bin. This picture is stored in our database and can be sent directly to the end consumer for some pre-order fun. This creates customer commitment and prevents fraude. Typically end consumers start sharing these pictures on social media, helping the Webshop to get some free publicity.