Our services

Active Ants takes care of all logistics behind a webshop. The webshops can concentrate on their retail format, we take care of the rest. This means:

  • Receiving goods
  • Storing goods
  • Picking orders
  • Packing orders
  • Shipping orders
  • Return handling orders

Receiving goods

Every day over 100 webshops deliver goods to our 150,000 sqm warehouse facility in Nieuwegein, the Netherlands. We make sure the goods are checked on arrival and that every SKU is securely stored in our warehouse. Because we very well understand the importance that goods received are being stored fast so that they can be sold and shipped off again, we make sure your goods are sellable the same day that we receive them.


Storage will always be secure in our 60,000 bins automated warehouse storage system called Autostore. No human can access this storage cube, except for at the camera protected picking ports. You only pay for storage that you use, we donnot designate space for you. In peek seasons when you store more you pay some more, in low seasons you pay less.


Robots provide bins with stored goods to operators which take out the necessary products per order. This process is so refined that we are confident to promise zero picking mistakes. Nevertheless when we would make a picking mistake, we pay a fine.


Orders are packed either manually or with one of our automated packing machines. This depends on size, weight and desired packing material. After packing boxes are being shipped off with over 10 different carriers to choose from. Bpost, Correos, DHL, Dpd, GLS, FedEx, La Poste, PostNL, UPS, Swiss Post and some smaller local carriers.

Returns handling

Handling online fashion retailers is one of our specialities and because of this we have an extended experience in processing high volumes of returned goods.

All our services are managed through our own state of the art IT platform (WMS) called Maya. This platform enables you to easily connect your IT to ours and have the necessary steering and client information realtime at your disposal.