Our client profile

Our clients operate in the b2c market. They have (various) online shops in one or more languages. They sell consumer goods typically between 0-1,000 euro in value, between 0-30kg (66lbs) in weight, and items usually are not larger then 60cm x 40cm x 33cm (23inch x 16inch x 13inch)

The largest market segments that we serve at this moment are food supplements and fashion. Next to this we also serve the following product families: cosmetics, books, toys, stationery, accessories, household appliances, travel goods, sporting goods, audio, video and lighting.

Active Ants operates a multi client warehouse. This means that we donnot dedicate a warehouse or not even a space or a process in the warehouse to one client, but we use all space, the whole warehouse and our core efufilment process and WMS software for all one hundred different clients.

By means of high standardization combined with mass customization we are able to provide a very high quality order processing for the best price.