Our speciality

Shipping in Europe

One size fits all doesn’t work in Europe (yet). We count 28 member states of the EU. To these countries you can easily ship back and forth from the Netherlands. Next to these 28 member states Europe also consist of 15 other countries. For these countries you have to take customs into account (e.g. Norway, Switzerland)

Luckily the most important e-commerce countries in Europe, Belgium, Germany, France, UK (until 2019) and the Netherlands are member states of the EU. From the Netherlands where Active Ants is situated these neighbouring countries can easily be serviced without customs. Because of their dominance in ecommerce in Europe Active Ants has developed special linehauls and negotiated the best shipping contracts for each of these countries. For example we inject by means of our own transport every day in Germany directly at ‘Deutsche post’. We ship in Belgium with ‘bpost’, in France with ‘La Poste’ in the Netherlands with ‘PostNL’ and in the UK with GLS (owned by Royal mail) Each of these carriers offer the best price and quality in their country.

Shipping worldwide

For worldwide shipments we use both commercial carriers and premium shippers as Fedex and UPS, next to national carriers as bpost and La Poste, which have international contracts with other national carriers worldwide. With automated customs clearance and paperwork printing, shipping worldwide is made as easy as shipping locally.