About Active Ants

Active Ants is an efulfilment company from the Netherlands and employs about 250 people. The company in its current form was founded in 2011 by two internet entrepeneurs with extended experience in e-commerce.

They pioneered the efulfilment market and developed solutions not seen before like the basketpic, orderpicking with an Apple ipod, own direct linehauls to neighbouring countries, using Autostore in efulfilment, every orderpick and pack is videotaped for quality control and so on.

In 2018 bpost (Listed: BEL20 bpost) acquired 62% of Active Ants enabling the company to strengthen its foundations and invest even more in new technology to process orders faster and more accurate.

Being part of the bpost group which has a strong focus on efulfilment worldwide also enables Active Ants to further develop their international network and warehouse presence.

In 2015 Active Ants appeared over 1,000 times on national Dutch television in a TV commercial of Rabobank, presenting Active Ants as an innovative company investing in Autostore storage and orderpicking technology with the help of Rabobank. You can watch this TV commercial here.