Active Ants


Active Ants provides e-commerce efulfilment services for webshops. We store products, pick, pack and ship them. But we do much more. With unique efulfilment solutions we make our clients, the webshops, more successful.

For whom?

At this moment Active Ants provides complete efulfilment services to more than 70 different webshops. For national Dutch broadcasting cooperation’s like BNNVARA, VPRO and KRONCRV, but also for pure players like,, and

Also webshopdevelopment and payments handling

Active Ants is unique because it provides the trinity of webshopdevelopment + efulfilment + payments handling in one integrated system. This setup is being used by almost 20 out of the 70 webshops connected to Active Ants.
The solution is based on the e-commerce software Magento. Active Ants has its own Magento developers on the pay roll which also develop convenient logistic plugins and interfaces for all the clients.

If a client has developed its own webshop then connecting to the Active Ants ERP is simple using our extended webservices. Stock positions, prizes, orders and trace information go back and forth real-time. For Magento, Presta, Woocommerce, SEOshop and Opencart webshops Active Ants developed plug & play connectors which makes it easy to setup business with Active Ants.

Cross border efulfilment

Active Ants is is nicely situated in Lopik which is in the heart of the Netherlands but also centrally located in Europe. We have extremely high delivery performances to neighboring countries like Belgium, Germany and France. But we can also ship your products to the rest of Europe and the rest of the world. Internationally focused pure players such as and choose Active Ants as their cross border efulfilment partner. Will you be next?